When It's an Emergency

Why Utilize a Walk-In Clinic When You're Feeling Unwell?

If you're feeling unwell and you're worried you have a dangerous illness, you may be tempted to rush to the emergency room. However, going to the ER should be a last resort. If you don't want to wait for an appointment with your primary care physician, you can utilize a walk-in clinic. Here are four reasons a walk-in clinic is your best option.

See a Doctor on the Same Day

Walk-in clinics see patients without appointments. These facilities are sometimes called urgent care clinics because they are well-equipped to help patients who are experiencing distressing conditions that need immediate medical attention. A walk in medical clinic can help provide that. You may have to wait for some time before a doctor can see you, but you will be able to see a doctor on the same day. Walk-in clinic doctors can perform all the same services as primary care physicians, including performing diagnostic tests and writing prescriptions.

Reduce the Burden on Hospitals

Hospital emergency rooms are open to all. It's important that people who are facing real, life-threatening emergencies be able to get fast medical attention. Going to the emergency room when you are not having an emergency uses up vital resources, such as medical attention and bed space. Visiting a walk-in medical clinic can help you do your part to reduce the burden on hospitals that may already be overwhelmed.

Avoid Exposing Yourself to Germs

People visit the doctor in the hopes of feeling better, not worse. Hospitals are full of very sick people, some of whom have contagious diseases. Walk-in clinics are likely to be safer, since people who visit clinics are usually in better health than those at the ER. Choosing a walk-in clinic means you can avoid all the viruses and bacteria that can be found in the waiting room of a hospital. You can further protect yourself by wearing a mask and keeping your hands away from your face while in the lobby of the walk-in clinic.

Avoid Waiting for Lab Tests

If you're very sick, you want answers fast. If you visit your primary care physician, they may take a blood test or swab sample for diagnostic purposes. These samples need to be sent to a lab, and it can take days to receive a result. Walk-in clinics have diagnostic labs onsite. You can receive the results of your blood work while you wait, which will aid your doctor in diagnosing your illness promptly.